Friday, February 5, 2010

Additional Information on the Court Hearing Process

     Some of you may have heard me say that there is a ‘rumor’ that Ethiopia may require adoptive parents to appear in court for the adoption hearing. Here is an update from our case manager regarding that:

Our CWAE attorney, Derrese, has confirmed that it is not just a rumor that adoptive parents MIGHT be required to appear in court for the adoption hearing. This is being discussed among the members of the court, and is under consideration. We will keep you informed of all developments as we hear of any forthcoming.
     Currently, our agency goes to the court hearing for us, under a Power of Attorney. Recently, there have been cases in which the parents go to pick up their children (after the court case, etc.), and decide not to take them (for whatever reason – medical, personal, etc.) Then, the courts have to go through the revocation of rights and those poor children are put back into the adoption circuit until they are matched with another family. (this hasn't happened in our agency)  This isn’t sitting well with the Ethiopian courts, which it shouldn’t. My best guess is that perhaps there are undisclosed medical conditions that are discovered when the parents arrive to pick up their children. (again, that’s just my best-guess). I’m sure there are other agencies in Ethiopia that are not as forthcoming with medical information as others. 

    While this is still unconfirmed, I see this as a double-edged sword. On a positive side, we would perhaps be able to see and/or meet our little girl a few months earlier, check out her current health situation and just hold her in our arms and squeeze her tight. We might also get to see the Orphanage in which she is staying (before they move her to the transition home). Although, depending upon the region, this might not be recommended. So, would this mean we would travel all that way and not get to see our baby? 

      So, I know it is out of our hands and God has a perfect plan for the situation. Just keep this in your prayers. Perhaps if this would happen, it would speed up the process and we’d have our baby girl home earlier? Or perhaps not, and this will just be another process in which our patience and faith will be tested. Either way, we are up for the challenge. 

    On a negative note, if we did get to meet her, we would have to give her back and come home until we travel again for our Embassy appointment. Gut wrenching to think about. Not to mention the fact that we would have to travel there 2 times verses 1 time, which will double our travel expenses. Plus, that means we would both have to take leave from work to travel, which would reduce the amount of time off once she comes home. And, I’m not sure, but that may mean that we could come face to face with her family and/or a remaining living parent during the court hearing? Gut wrenching again to think about the sacrifice her family is making for her. 

And again, these are all just the rambling that go on in my mind… scary, isn’t it :)

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