Friday, March 26, 2010


Waiting ... for those of you who have asked, based on our Agency's new Referral Waiting Clocks, it appears as though we may be waiting about 8 more months for a referral. (October-November range).  That could change... for the better or for the worse.  Plus with the new travel, court and embassy changes, we can expect another 4 - 8 month wait after referral until Baby E is home. 

Funny thing is, we are ok with that.  What??? That doesn't even make sense to me, but I guess it goes back to the whole trust and peace aspect of trusting God in this journey.  He is the one who first placed this on our hearts, so He is the one who will help us grow and learn patience and peace through all of this.  I must admit, I wince and pout (if truth be known) every time I see a change coming that's going to mess with MY plan, but guess what... it's not MY plan :) 

I still continue to hope and pray that the changes going on in Ethiopia will be for the better, not just for us, but for other families who are just beginning the process, or who are deciding whether or not Ethiopia is the right country for them.  The children are precious and I would hate to see families shy away from Ethiopia because of some of the bad press and changes.  Adoption is always risky and unpredictable.. that's not new news, but there is always that hope that things won't affect you.  When things to happen, you have to do what you can and let God do what you can't (I stole that from Joyce Meyer).   So for now, we'll be happy to wait. 

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