Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Baby Faith Yet

For those of you who are wondering and afraid to call me again. . .  I am STILL HERE.  No baby Faith yet.  I am 39 1/2 weeks prego.. and it doens't appear that Faith is going to make her entrance anytime soon.  I even battled an ice storm to get to my doctor appointment yesterday, only to find out I'm no where near giving birth.. Uggh.  I'm 'officially' due on Monday.  I go back next Wednesday and IF my body seems to have progressed they MAY consider inducing me.  If not, we will wait some more.  All of baby Faith's tests and checks are good, so she is quite content in there.  They are also no longer worried about her weight.  Looks like she's at least 8 pounds now (for those of you praying for her to gain weight... YOU CAN STOP NOW :)       

We are all excited to meet her, but I know she will come when it's her time.  Her birthday has already been picked by God and nothing I'm going to do is going to change that.   Dylan's birthday is Tuesday... could it be that little sister wants to share the day with Big Bro?  Only time will tell.

We will keep all of you posted.

Thanks for your prayers

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