Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Baby Turned 16

How does that happen?  It seems like only yesterday we brought Colton home from the hospital... all 9 pounds and 21 inches of him.  Now he's near 6 feet tall and just got his driver's permit.  I must be getting old.

He's such a great kid and a big brother.  I'm amazed at what a blessing he is to our family.  Many times people wrinkle their noses when they find out we have 2 teenage boys and say, 'wow, good luck with that.'  But he is really a good kid.  (both of our boys are).

It's really been fun (but heartbreaking) watching him grow up to the great young man that he is today, but I still refuse to believe he's 16!

Happy Birthday buddy!

Pappy, Colton, Daddy, Dylan & Pop


  1. Happy Birthday to Colton!

  2. Happy Birthday Colton! Yeah Ang, it is bittersweet to see our baby boys grow up!! Enjoy every moment!!!