Sunday, May 12, 2013

On the move

Wow we've sure been on the move over the last month. Baseball, baseball, and oh yeah... Baseball ... It's been fun though. I really enjoy watching the boys play. The girls are their #1 fans! We've been busy videoing, so I have zero pics!

Colton went to prom this year. He looked very handsome and I had to try my darnedest not to cry. Flashbacks of a cute little toddler, preschool, little league and other realizations that he's growing up filled my mind the week leading up to prom. Such a bittersweet moment for a momma. He's such a good kid!

The girls have been busy too cheering on the boys at baseball, playing in their sandbox, and practicing their counting and letters. I attempted potty training with Ellie but she's just not ready. As she still continues to struggle with controlling things within her realm (and bodily functions are one of those things) its just not worth the battle right now. Hopefully soon! She's doing so good compared to the shy little peanut that came home a year ago.  I have a video of her doing her ABC's... if I can figure out how to post, maybe I will.

Faith's infectious disease doctor has FINALLY come up with a treatment plan for the giardia. It's only taken 3 months and a bizillion phone calls from me!! It's been a nightmare but we are hopeful her next test will come back negative and his approach will work! If not, you may have to come visit me in a nice padded room! We've been dealing with giardia for over a year and at this point I'm starting to feel like an expert on the subject . . .

We also received Ellie's state re-adoption decree in the mail. That was a fight too. They were asking for another translation of her foreign documents and wouldn't accept the translation that we had (even though the US embassy, immigration and social security office did). After a few letters and a call from our friendly state representative, we received her decree in the mail -- 5 months later!! Now we wait for her birth certificate .... Geshz! Apparently our county doesn't do the re-adoption ceremony, which was a bummer -- but we are just glad it went through!  After we get her state birth certificate she'll finally be Elliana Geneme Jayne and not Geneme Bradley.  :)   Then we'll have to circle back around and change her social security card... does the paperwork ever end?  

We also submitted our last quarterly post-adoption report via a social worker.  From this point forward, we can do yearly reports now... yay, I finally feel like things are beginning to become 'normal'.... whatever that is -- we've had a rough 6 months or so.

Here are a few pics of our month.

Make a wish!

Classic Ellie  
Faith's new 'cheesy' smile 

Spa Day for Faith

Dirt bike Dylan 

Colt's Jr. Prom

Colton & Delaney

Cute couple! 

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