Monday, April 14, 2014

Dedication Day

For Ellie's 2nd Gotcha Day, we had her dedicated at church.  Our intention was to do this immediately after bringing her home, but she was so very shy and probably would not have appreciated going up in front of everyone.  Even 2 years later, she was very nervous about it, but she did great.

In our church, parents dedicate their child, promising to raise them in a Godly home with the church's support and blessing.  When the child is old enough to understand what baptism is and what it means, they can be baptized.

Here's a few pictures from the big day!  (note, Ellie is now doing this funny thing with her eyes when she smiles -- it's totally Ethiopian -- we've heard Ethiopian's talk with their eyes... and we agree!)

She is finally getting to wear her traditional Ethiopian dress that we purchased for her while in Ethiopia.  It's beautiful... hand stitched and embroidered. The little scarf can also be used as a head-dress or wrap, but I couldn't get it to look authentic, so she wore it like a scarf.   Ellie was very proud of her cross necklace and heart bracelet.  She said her bracelet had hearts on it because she has "Jesus in her heart..."  Such a sweetie.

Ellie with cousins J & N

She looks suspicious! 

ahhh.. those funny eyes! 

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