Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Puzzle Update

     Moving right along . . . although we haven't sold all the pieces yet (but have raised 1/2 the money), we decided that perhaps we should try to get this thing together, especially to check that all pieces are in order.  Then we will begin writing donors names on the back.  (see side bar for our puzzle fundraiser idea) 

     Funny story -- we spent most of our Christmas vacation framing the puzzle and putting the giraffes and landscape together.  It was coming along nicely.  Notice I said  WAS :)  Unfortunately, during a Xbox frenzie, Colton's sock stuck to the felt pad under the puzzle.  Not knowing his sock and the puzzle mat were attached, he made a sudden move, and, well, that was the end of the puzzle.  Poor boy was scared to tell me (we didn't witness the dumping of the puzzle first hand)... but oh my goodness.. to see about 500 pieces of a puzzle laying on the floor in a heap of messiness stirred my emotions.    My first inclination was to act like a child and scream and shout at him... but you know what... It's a puzzle... it was an accident...and it can be fixed.

     So now, we've moved it to a much safer location, cover it at night, and we are back to the point it was before.   As you can see, it's really beautiful and the colors are very vibrant.  This is actually an older picture.  We are further along than te picture shows.   

     If you are interested, there's still time to purchase your piece.  We think it will be really neat for Baby E to see all the people who helped bring her home.  So far we have about 40 names to put onto the puzzle from various donations received over the holiday.. THANK  YOU!!!   So, that only leaves 960 names to go!  Ask your family, friends and work associates if they'd like to own a piece of the puzzle.

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  1. Just wanted to say "hi"! We are also a CWA family and friends (via email) with the Moodys. You are starting on a wonderful journey with many ups and downs. May you feel God's presence and peace through it all.