Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You think taxes are bad??

If you think taxes are bad, a dossier consists of approximately 70 pages of signed, sealed and notarized documents, is more precious than national security, and has consumed the last 8 weeks of our life!  Uggh.. but so worth it! 

Thanks to everyone to had a part in helping us complete our dossier... from the friendly people at the bank, post office, our notary, our friends and family for our references, our doctors, local police department... and the list goes on.  Thanks to our boys for being so patient with us during this process.  Seriously, we are protecting this document like the national security documents we handle.  Today we received our State Authentication and Seals.   We took pictures of our completed dossier, but for security reasons, won't post it here... but it's a lot of stuff!  It will go in our photo book for our little girl to see.  Our dossier is basically a package that proves we are fit to adopt.  It includes our home study (which was performed by a social worker), employment information, family information, tax information, personal and professional references, medical clearances, FBI clearances, letters to Ethiopia, etc.  It was fun to put together, but we aren't going to lie... we are glad we are done!   Now the waiting begins.

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  1. so awesome guys! we are with you every step of the way! what's yours is mine and mine is yours. 360