Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adoption Yard Sale Success!

Our Adoption Yard Sale was a SUCCESS, I would say!  The rain held off, we had a great variety of items for sale, and we had plenty of eager shoppers.  We were truly blessed by everyone that came shopping, everyone that helped, everyone that donated items and baked goods to be sold.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.  Brad's brother Bryan and his wife Tracy had a separate moving sale in another town.  We were speechless when we received an envelope full of cash from them -- proceeds from their sale! 

I wanted to list a few little glimpses of God in all of this because it was all His works:

  • Someone called me (that didn't know us) and donated a truck load full of items -- lots of good stuff that went quick.  They heard from a friend of a friend that we were adopting and having a sale and wanted to donate items to us.
  • Other relatives and friends of friends who donated items to us for the sale.
  • Many friends, family and coworkers who donated items for the sale.
  • Friends and family that came to help us price everything! (I had dreams about price stickers!!)
  • A friend donated a hand-made bag and 2 jewelry sets for our raffle.  (see picture ).  Nancy's Jewelry can be purchased by visiting   It's beautiful!
  • Brad's brother & wife donating proceeds from their sale to us.
  • People that came to the sale, not to necessarily buy items, but to hand me a $20 bill towards our adoption.
  • People that I don't know (but are friends of a friend) who baked items for our bake sale.
  • People who we don't know  (but are friends of a friend) who gave us their giant canopy for the day, in case it rained.
  • A little girl in our neighborhood who came 2 separate times to buy a bag of peanuts.  (I'm pretty sure she doesn't even like peanuts) :)
  • Both sets of our parents, who showed up bright and early to help set up, direct shoppers, help shuttle the boys to their games, and were there for general support! 
  • A friend made me a shirt with a giraffe on it that says "E"... Wait upon the Lord.  Love it!! 
  • A friend, near and dear to us, that stuffed a stack of $20's in my hand before leaving!
  • Prayers from friends and family that couldn't be here on the actual day, but were here with us in spirit!
  • AND LOTS of FRIENDS, FAMILY and NEIGHBORS who stopped by to support us!  Love you guys! 
So, are you ready for the grand total?????   The grand total (which i still have a few coins to count up yet)... was over $1500!!! YES, $1500.   We could not believe it!  This will buy E's one way ticket home!  How cool with that be... to purchase a one-way ticket home for our angel. 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped in any way shape or form. 

We have about a trailer-full of items remaining that we will be sending down to the Relay for Life Yard Sale next weekend.  All proceeds from that sale will go to the Relay for Life Team and the Cancer Society.  I encourage you, if you are local, to check out the sale and show support.  It will be at the intersection of Gettysburg Street & Golf Course Road on June 4 and 5. 

 Big Brother DYLAN, the raffle boy :)                 

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  1. Thank you for your continued prayers! The wait is so difficult. Hoping you hear good news soon...