Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cool Fundraiser

We've got a cool fundraiser for summer!  A friend of mine (thanks Dianna!) hooked us up with PEANUTS from Texas Roadhouse.  Texas Roadhouse takes care of bagging up the peanuts and includes a card for a free appetizer (cheese fries, rattlesnake bites or tater skins) with the purchase of an Entree.  They give them to you for FREE so whatever you sell them for is 100% profit.  The free appetizer itself is worth up to $7.00, depending on what you get!  I think the suggested selling price is around $3 per bag, or whatever price you want.  So, for $3.00 you get a bag of peanuts and up to a $7.00 appetizer.  Pretty neat!

I had no idea this fundraiser existed.  If you are looking for a fundrasier for your organization or adoption, check with your local Texas Roadhouse!  They also have fundraiser nights in which you hand out cards to your friends and family and TR will donate 10% of their bill to your fund.  Pretty sweet deal with some yummy food!

We plan on taking them to the kids ballgames and will be selling them at our upcoming Yard Sale.  If you have other ideas for ways we can market them, let us know!  They are only good for the local TR restaurant. 

If you live near us, come buy some peanuts -- the perfect summer snack!

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