Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clock Stalker

Ha!  Thought that graphic was funny, but actually, the Referral Clock has moved to August!  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, 2 weeks ago it was on June -- now it's on August!  It looks like more little girls are becoming available for adoption!

For those of you who don’t understand what the “Referral Clock” is… it’s a time line from our Agency of where they are with giving out referrals. It gives waiting families an idea of where they stand.  Right now they are matching little girls up with families that submitted their Dossier in August of 2009.  So, that means an approximate match time of 10 months +/- . . which would put us somewhere in the November-range for a referral.  But, this can all change depending on how many girls are available for adoption, how many families submitted dossiers in certain months, whose paperwork is ready, etc… But, maybe with a lot of prayer the clock will continue to chug ahead for all families -- no matter if they are waiting for a boy, girl or siblings.  (I know of a family that has been waiting quite some time at #1 for siblings -- praying for you April that you meet your kiddos soon)!  We know the children are there and available, it’s just a matter of who has their paperwork and birth certificates ready to go. (as you will see from an older post – getting paperwork ready for these little kiddos – in towns that do not speak the same language – is quite a daunting task.) I have to believe that all the changes are for the better and for the good of the biological families, the agency and the adopting families. My heart breaks, however, for these little ones who are in orphanages in the meantime, waiting for the legal stuff to clear, so that they can finally be loved by a family.

Plus, with the unknowns of the new travel and court processes, it's anyone's best guess on how that could delay (or perhaps speed up?) the process. 

I must admit though… I’m a clock stalker -- I check that darn clock every day… just in case.  I hope and pray it keeps chugging along so these kiddos can get home in the arms of their forever families.
Could you keep all of the families and children in your prayers? 


  1. I am a CWA clock stalker mommy to be too. I willrememver your family in my prayers. It is always great to meet other CWA mommies.

  2. We are a CWA family as well. Our dossier was just sent to Ethiopia so the clock stalking starts for me too! I will be following your journey!