Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A peek-a-boo while waiting

We are still waiting patiently (sort of), but it certainly helps when we get photos like this!  I checked my email on the way home from work last night and was so excited to find 29 pictures waiting.  (don't worry... my hubby was driving!!).  I carefully studied each picture... right down to the tiniest crumb on Elliana's face :)  It makes my heart happy to see her smiling!  Actually, it makes us miss her even more, but we will take all the photos we can get right now. 

We also received a photo and message last week from our previous Case Manager, who is living at Acacia Village right now with his family.  Here's part of what it said:
Here is the best picture we could get so far of Geneme smiling when she is eating lunch with her friends :) . She is really smiling a lot more these days and even willingly gives out high fives when we ask her. She is still very quiet, but is saying more each week. We will keep the family updated if anything changes. We will try to get a better picture with her smiling in the next few days :) 
They totally got some better pictures of her smiling, as you can see below!  

I also received an email last week from a friend who was over in Ethiopia picking up her precious little boy who was at Elliana's orphanage and at Acacia Village.  Here's what she said:
I got to see your sweet babe yesterday.  She was sound asleep and so I didn't get to hold her but I did get to sneak over to her crib and peek in on her.  She looked so peaceful and beautiful.  I leaned over and gave her a kiss before leaving and whispered that you were coming soon.  She is even more beautiful in person than your pictures convey :)  Praying for you as you wait and that it will be over soon.
Many of you have asked how we are doing with the wait.  Honestly, it's tough, but it's those little messages and words of encouragement that keep us going.  It's the pictures, prayers and cards that we are receiving.  It's reading other's blogs who are in the same spot and gaining strength from their words.  We know the wait is nearly over and we are on the home stretch, but it still doesn't change our longing to have our little girl home now!  

We are still waiting for her original birth certificate. Our Case Manager said that many times things continue to move behind the scenes and I know God can do wondrous miracles behind the scenes!  We would LOVE to be submitted to the Embassy next week.  So please continue to pray that we can return soon to bring our sweet girl home!  Her family misses her.  

Hanging out... waiting patiently!

What??? I didn't do it  :) 

Ellie looking at the photo album we left for her! 


  1. I love seeing your new pictures (hoping to get some ourselves soon too =) but loving seeing Ellie's big smiles. She'll have lots of those for you soon! I think about you guys a lot - its fun to be praying for all of us. I am hoping our blogs start saying things about returning to Ethiopia soon...

  2. So sweet to see those smiles!!!

  3. Oh, I so understand how this feels. It's so much more difficult when you have met your child. I am praying for you my friend. I know just how much every new picture or word about your child means. It will happen soon. I know it doesn't always feel like it, but God's plan is one of beauty and it is completely perfect. Soon you will be sharing pictures of her smiling face alongside those of her family. She has a great smile!

  4. I scanned all the photos before reading your text and I noticed how much more happy she seems. What a blessing!