Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baxter Family 6 !!

For those of you who have wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth -- nope I’m still alive. I’ve been very sick the last month or so and just haven’t had the energy to do anything. I apologize if you think I was ignoring you! The good news is I’m not contagious and it’s not life threatening. Any guesses? Well, contrary to what doctors have told us, apparently it IS POSSIBLE for us to have another biological child. We are pregnant! Due in February. We’ll call our belly-baby, Baby F. (Faith, if it’s a girl!)

For those of you who don’t know our entire ‘story’ we have 2 beautiful bio boys (ages 11 and 14) but a few years ago Brad and I were told (even as late as this April) that it was "medically impossible" for us to have any additional bio children, unless we went through some fertility stuff. We were ok with that since we had 2 boys and didn't feel we wanted to do the fertility route.  We thought if God had planned for us to have any additional bio children, then it would have happened. Hmmmm...  When we met with our Endocrinologist today, he just smiled and said, "well, congratulations! . . .sometimes these things happen." I’m hoping he knows this is a God Thing.

Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people! 

Psalm 66:5
We are still in a bit of shock but it was so much more real when we saw his/her precious face on an ultrasound. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 9 weeks (since pregnancy isn’t something that we were thinking was possible).  I just assumed something was drastically wrong with my thyroid again. So you can image our surprise when the little test turned positive. Actually I went and bought a few more tests of different types and took all of them! Same result!

Now it is starting to sink in and we are getting excited for E & F to meet. I wonder if they may have the same birth month; or even the same birth day? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’m not sure what God is up to yet, but I think it will be neat for the 2 kiddos to have each other to grow up with, play with and share with.

I doubt at this point that E is born yet, so we will continue to pray for her and her birthmother, as always. We are still at bit sad that we won’t get E on OUR timing and terms, but we are rejoicing for this little one in my belly, one who we thought would never exist! Truly amazing. . .

Some people think my life is like a train wreck right now…. But I must disagree. Right now my life is a Beautiful Mess… full of purpose and life. I’m learning that God sometimes brings things into your life (good and bad) to teach you something and mold you for His purpose and for His glory. Sometimes surprises and unexpected events can turn people from God but I choose to allow it to draw us closer and to trust Him more.

What happens to E and the Adoption?

Funny.. some people think that with our latest news that we would just stop the adoption and not pursue. Oh, they are so wrong….. Although, after talking to our Agency today, our worries were confirmed. We have to put our adoption “ON HOLD” until our Baby “F” is 6 months old. At that point we will be ready for our referral and can continue the process from that point. (Keep in mind if things had progressed as normal, Baby E would have been home by next summer)… So our hope is to have Baby E home by Baby F’s 1st birthday (But that won’t be until February 2012!) While we are so happy that God has blessed us with Baby F, we are heartbroken that E will have to wait. We know God has a plan and his timing is perfect and all of our children belong to Him. But our flesh is struggling oh so much. Our case manager said we can petition the Board for an exception, but they rarely grant them. They make the 6 month ‘rule’ so that we can properly bond with our newborn before bringing in another child. Makes complete sense, and once E comes home, she’s going to need a lot of our attention too.

After we become ‘active’ with the adoption again in August 2011, our case will be reviewed by the Board again to make sure we still fit all the parameters of the adoption. After we are deemed ‘fit’ we will most-likely get a referral pretty quick, since we essentially will have been waiting for 18 months. (Our Dossier DTE date is 1/22/10). Before all that happens, we will have to have our home study amended and will have to apply to the USCIS for a one-time extension that will hopefully get us through the adoption.

Let’s just pray that no delays or country stuff happens that would keep us from E permanently! So far all the changes that Ethiopia has made seem to be in the best interest of the child, so we pray that those changes will continue to the positive!

Things we’ve learned in 3 short weeks!!

  • With God, all things are possible.

  • Our ‘plan’ and God’s plan aren’t always identical (that’s a shocker) .

  • Our timing and God’s timing aren’t identical either.

  • We are finding peace with our new ‘plan’ with each passing hour.

  • Doctors are not always right!

  • God is giving E a playmate for life. Someone to grow up with and play with. Sort of like our boys had each other.

You never know what turns are ahead, but as long as you trust and press forward, things will work out the way He intended them to. We have a long haul ahead, but we can do it.

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. James 1:12



  1. Congratulations!! Amazing!!! I love your perspective on this and I'm thrilled that you are proceeding with your adoption after Baby F is born. It's beautiful to think about Baby F & E growing up together - how like God to think through that detail and give you "immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine" (Eph 3:20). You are a model to all and example of the heart of adoption, regardless of our plans. It's always Plan A!

  2. WOOO HOOOOO !! CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Doctors told us the same -- probably no kids. Ummmm, 4 kids later .... Doctors are NOT the "Great Physician." What a ride you guys are on ! LOVE IT ! Doubling the number of kids -- welcome to the 4 Club :) Regardless of how the journey proceeds in any direction, remember that the God of miracles has clearly shown up in your family ! I love when he does that and blows everyone's mind ! Enjoy the ride. Kramers

  3. Great post Angie! I am sorry to hear you are having to encounter so many doubters and people who just don't understand your (and more importantly God's plan)!

    It will be awesome to have two so close in age and you know you will have tons of support and helpers...:)

    BTW, I love the new graphics you used on your blog! Beautiful!