Thursday, March 8, 2012

Status Update

Just thought I’d give an update of where we are right now.  I know many of you are eager to hear what is going on.  

We are almost 3 weeks into being submitted to the Embassy.  They emailed us on Tuesday asking for additional information and a phone number for a person familiar with Elliana’s case.  Our Agency quickly provided that number to them, so we are praying that the number is correct and that this person is readily available to speak to the Embassy.  I have been a bit anxious about this, as this person hasn't been asked about the case for 18 months -- so I'm just praying he remembers the specifics.  We haven't heard anything else after that.  

We did, however, just receive an email tonight from our Agency that 3 cases have been sent to the USCIS office in Nairobi for further review – meaning the Embassy was unable to make a determination as to the status of the adopted child.  I believe all of these cases are the same scenario as ours :(   From what I’ve read and understand, this process can add additional weeks or even months to the process.  Upon receipt of the case (5 days later) the USCIS office can do one of three things.  They can approve the case; they can make an RFE (request for more evidence); or they can deny the case outright. We really do not want to think about this right now, but realize that it could be a possibility for us or for any of our friends who were submitted at the same time as us.   Please keep us all in your prayers.  

This has been, by far, the hardest part of the wait.  I feel like we are so close, but yet so far away from bringing our daughter home.  The Lord has continued to teach me throughout this journey that I am not in control, and I am continuing to learn that.  I think the hardest part is knowing that we could be off on a jet-plane next week, or we could still be sitting here 3 or 4 weeks from now.  We just don’t know the timing of it – only God does, and I’m sure He has it perfectly planned. 


  1. Praying for you all! Joseph and I know just how you feel and are seeking to keep our eyes on the Lord as we wait to see what He will do.


  2. What I don't understand is *how* can they deny cases outright? Those kids are our kids now. We are legally bound to them. What would happen if our cases were denied? Lord willing that just doesn't happen to any of us but I don't like it that it's even a possibility.

    I have to admit I'm getting pretty frustrated with this embassy business. I have felt mostly patient, haven't had a lot of frustration throughout the adoption process . . . until now. And each day it gets more difficult to bear the separation from our kids.


  3. We are praying for all you guys, I know what you mean about the waiting & wondering if you'll travel days /'s so hard having life on hold in a way & all the while missing our kids and knowing it's more time they are apart from us. We are hoping to hear that our case is even being looked at, it's 2 weeks Tuesday and still no email...I keep reminding myself that the Lord has preserved their lives and chosen them for our families and no scheme of man can change what He has set into place. It's really hard though, I know!!!!!