Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dossier Update - Update :)

As mentioned in a previous post, we had to redo our dossier because the documents contained in our original dossier are approaching 2 years old -- they expire in November!  [when we go to court in Ethiopia, documents cannot be more than 2 years old]  Plus, with the addition of Baby Faith, we had to do a Home Study Update, which then becomes part of our dossier update as well. 

We submitted a copy of our updated dossier to our agency for a quick review.  In between the UPS man picking up our package and our agency receiving our package, a new Dossier requirement was established.....(seriously??)

MoWCY is now asking for a notarized copy of  I-171H form to be included into new dossier packages.  That is the form from USCIS approving us for adoption.  Cool!  We have that form... BUT, oh yeah, it expires in August and we have requested an extension. (the I-171H approval notice is only valid for 18 months, so if you do not complete your adoption within 18 months, you have to request an extension).  The extension request and new form could take 30 to 45 days to arrive.  We would have requested it earlier, but you cannot ask for an extension EARLIER than 90 days prior to expiration.  Geshz....

ARE YOU CONFUSED YET?? Yeah, me too. It took me the weekend to wrap my head around what we need to do!

So, long story short (sort of), we have to wait to receive our new I-171H form to put into our dossier package before continuing the process.  The addition of this form into the package changes a few other we will have to re-do, re-sign and re-notarize about 4 other documents too. [sigh]
Again, I truly believe God is in control of this adoption, and He's probably beginning to see that we are serious about this little girl coming home.  A little bit of paperwork confusion isn't going to deter us!

Praying that our I-171H approval arrives sooner than later!  I want to get this package off of my desk before something happens to it!!! 

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