Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What We've Been Up To (6 weeks in Pictures)

Besides having a sick kid every week for the last 4 weeks, and baseball season, and lots of end-of-year events and doctor/dentist appointments, etc., we've been pretty busy... but have still had some time for fun!....

So what have we been up to? ? ? 

Looking Pretty . . . heading to church

Trying to get 4 kids to smile and look at the camera
(I'm convinced it's not possible)

Two Squirmy Toddlers on Mother's Day

Smiling Pretty for the Camera

Aren't I cute?  

Ut Oh... mommy wouldn't let me have the camera! 

Three Tired Girls

Driving our Cars... beep, beep....

Playing in our Water Table

Ellie thinks the water is for drinking . . .

Faith thinks the water is for washing our hair . . . 

Silly girls . . . 

Tickle, Tickle . . . 


  1. Love it! Looks like fun =) And it looks like those sweet girls are going to be great friends! I love God's plan for your family!

  2. So precious! And I can tell you, it is NOT possible to get all 4 looking and smiling at the camera! But if you figure out the trick, let me know :) Love you guys!

  3. Precious pictures! Looks like your house is full of fun these days and I'm so glad to see it!

  4. You have such a beautiful family! It looks like the girls are wonderful friends, they are so sweet together. Angie, you are doing an awesome job with Ellie's hair!