Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She's Official

We received Ellie's USCIS Certificate of Citizenship on Saturday, so now we can apply for her Social Security card.  But, since we are not going to keep her name Geneme Bradley Baxter, I guess I have to see about changing her name first?   And just when we thought we were done with adoption paperwork . . . we've also begun to assemble pictures for our first post-adoption report, which is due at the end of June!  

Hope to post more soon.  She is doing awesome, so hope to share some thoughts, stories and more pictures soon.  But for now, I'll leave you with a few photos

Hanging out on mom's lap

She loves the slide! 

Two Divas drinking their morning cup of milk

Loves Bubbles (but she likes to eat them too)! 


  1. I was just writing you about this b/c I feel lost with the whole post adoption / social security # thing...does USCIS just automatically send you that? How did you get her under medical coverage when you didn't have social and the name is different? I really want your knowledge passed on so I can get all this down :) Great pics!

    1. Hi Sarah! We need to skype and compare notes on a few things.. haha! We put Ellie on our insurance back in January and all we needed was our court decree. We just explained that her Ethiopian name was "Geneme" but we were renaming her Elliana, so they added her as Elliana G. Baxter. For the SS card, I'm not sure. We will either have to 'readopt her' first and change her name at that point and THEN get the SS card, or get the SS card in her "Geneme Bradley" name and then switch it later? I have an email into CWA and will let you know what I find out. Have fun with your 2 toddlers.. It's A LOT of work, isn't it??

  2. Ellie's hair looks great! I can't wait until Evangelle's gets that long. I love the pic of the girls in their chairs. They're just too cute together! Miss you so much!

  3. She is beautiful! Congrats on her paperwork. Love ya

  4. We haven't received the Certificate of Citizenship yet. Yikes, makes me nervous especially when we're moving in two weeks.