Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Potty Talk

Ellie getting a deep-condition treatment
Ahhh.. the mother of 2 toddlers (and 2 teenagers) is wonderfully busy, beautifully challenging and sometimes a total hoot.  I caught myself saying things that I had to laugh out loud about, literally.  I had to start writing them down. 

Faith "hiding" in a trash can
No... I'm not swearing, (although some days I'm tempted)... The title Potty Talk comes from the fact that most of my little phrases have to do with bathroom items and issues.   The girls tend to get into trouble if the bathroom door is left open or while I'm bathing them.  I find myself saying thing that just don't sound right after I say them.... all while listening to the giggles of two little girls knowing they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing. 

I find myself saying things like: 

  •  Ewww don't put that in your mouth
  • No Faith, that's Dylan's toothbrush 
  • Bye-bye poopie
  • Ellie, get outta the trash..it's yucky and we don't eat it! 
  • Get back here, naked girl!
  • That's a brush for the toilet, not your teeth.
  • Ewww.. who pee'd on the rug
  • No... we don't stand in the potty (potty-chair).
and one that's probably said daily . . .
  • Oh my goodness... What a mess!  

I can only imagine what the neighbors think!!!  :) 

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