Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Fun

October has kept the Baxter family busy, as usual.   We attended many football games to watch Colton & Dylan play, went to a zoo, attended 2 parades and even went to a princess birthday party!    This weekend, we will be celebrating Orphan Sunday at our church with a program and movie on our journey to bring Ellie home.  If you are local, we'd love to have you.  Contact me for information.
Sitting like a Princess

Catch me if you can! 

Showing off her new boots! 

Sitting for a split second!

That's our girl -- football in one hand
and a purse in the other.

Autumn is here

Checking out the weird fuzzy worm

Sitting with mommy

Pretty princess

Not-so-happy Princess 
Heading to our first parade

Our 2nd parade 

Watching the parade with Colton and Delaney
Last home game for our boy (this year)
Silly Dylan hijacking Ellie and Faith's car.

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