Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Conversation with Toddlers

Ellie is almost 2 1/2 and Faith is 22 months. They are getting to the age that we can sometimes exchange a short conversation. They make me chuckle. . .

Conversation #1

Me: girls we are going to Memaws today to eat turkey for Thanksgiving

Faith: tuwkey??

Ellie: Memaw... Turkey??

Me: yep. We are going to eat turkey.

Faith: {pause while she thinks about it}. Ewwww. Gwrose!

(we are teaching the girls about animals -- I'm sure she was picturing a turkey -- feathers and all . . . He he)

Conversation #2

I had gotten some Christmas mugs out for over the holidays and the girls took notice.

Ellie: mommy -- Duckie??

Me: no, that's a snowman on the mug.

Ellie: no-man??

Me: yes a snowman? Isn't he cute?

Faith: yes-man!!

Ellie: no-man!!

Me: ;)

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