Thursday, December 13, 2012

One down... one to go!

We received news last week that Elliana's Giardia is gone!!  Praise the Lord. . . I'm sure the nurse thought I was crazy when I began screaming!  (No -- actually we have many nurses and doctors following both the girls -- and they are as happy as we are).  Faithlynn, however, is still testing positive.  Arrgh!  Faith starts a 2 week re-treatment again (per the recommendations of Dr. Jane Aronson) in combination with recommendations from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  She will be done just before Christmas... then we can retest her (oh joy!).  Thankfully, Faith is not showing any symptoms of Giardia.  Just the positive result.  

I was beginning to think (and am still wondering) if the pharmacy is compounding the medicines incorrectly or if there is a mistake at the lab.  I just can't believe we can't get rid of this nasty parasite, and at about $30 per treatment, per child, times 8 treatments... plus 16 stool samples later... we are spending lots of money on this!!  Not to mention the bathing ritual and diaper changing rituals we have to go through to ensure we do not spread it back and forth.  I'm sure Clorox bleach is loving the Baxter family right now.  Bathing the girls separately with sanitizing and bleaching the tub in between and before, and after... has been a real chore.  We also keep their towels and wash cloths separate and they cannot play with toys in the tub (because then they would all need sanitized and bleached too).  Any comb or cup for combing and rinsing their hair in the tub must be sanitized too.  For the past 8 months, bath time isn't too much fun at our house... it's serious business and takes a long time :)  I'm looking forward to the day when I can throw them both in the tubby together and they can play and splash and have fun. 

Did I tell you we received a phone call from the Heath Department?  Yep, apparently when a child tests positive several times for Giardia, they must investigate.  Once I rambled off all of the medicines and treatments we have used on the girls and the measures we are taking to keep everything uncontaminated, they backed off.  She said I knew more about the parasite than she did!!  LOL... I guess it's just something they have to do to ensure kiddos are being taken care of.

So... wish us luck!  My Christmas wish.... to say good-bye to Giardia forever!  It's one souvenir from Ethiopia we don't mind getting rid of!     

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  1. Oh my word, what a nightmare! Bathtime is a chore even when things are perfect. I'm with you wondering if the medicine / lab is correct. So sorry! We miss you & love hearing updates.