Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hard to believe

It's  hard to believe that one year ago today, we left on a flight to bring our little Ellie girl home.  It was a very quick and crazy trip, and we arrived home on March 31st... so on Easter this year, Ellie will have been home for one year.  I haven't even had time to sit down and process everything that's happened in one year in our family, but we continue to be delighted to see the progress in this little shy girl, who didn't speak a word when we brought her home.  No giggles, no smiles, no words and definitely no trust in anyone.  She has come such a long way and continues to blossom as we peel back our little 'onion' girl layer by layer.  It hasn't been an easy year, by far, but I wouldn't trade those break-through moments for anything!  They are so crucial in her trust in us and critical in our understanding of how God made her.  

We love her . . . and her
Love for her little sister
Joking with her big brothers
Giggles with the wrinkling of her little nose
Shrieks of excitement
Dancing and rhythm
Take-charge attitude (with hands on her hips!)
Seriousness and 'the look' she gives us
Willingness to be a big helper
Cute-little-voice saying "I need a kiss . . ."
Beautiful lips that look painted on
Stunning Eyes that search for an answer
Sweet little singing voice
Her love of Jesus
. . . and most of all . . . 
we love that she is HOME where she belongs.

Coming home - March 2012 

Meeting Family for the first time









  1. WOW! One year!! That is hard to believe! How sweet that it falls on Easter this year :) I know this past year hasn't been easy at times, but the positive changes we see in Ellie are proof that she is where she belongs!! You guys are amazing for taking those courageous steps to bring Ellie home and give her all she needs to flourish! May God continue to bless her little life and the life of your family!! Love you guys!

  2. Can't believe it's been one year! Miss you all! The Boughners

  3. So precious! Congratulations on one incredible year together. What a blessing it is to see the transformation taking place in Ellie. I miss you all so much and desperately hope that we can have a reunion soon!!!