Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Taste of Home

We were finally able to get all six of us to the nearest Ethiopian restaurant (45 miles away) to celebrate Ellie's food culture. It was fitting that it coincided with her almost one year anniversary home.

Brad and I eat Ethiopian at least once a month at work -- since there are lots of Ethiopian restaurants in the DC area. Except for a chicken and lentil stew that I made at home (using berbere -- the ET spice) Ellie hasn't eaten Ethiopian since she's been home and the boys have only tried it once ;).

I must say, I was nervous that Ellie wouldn't like it. She refuses to eat anything that resembles a veggie (no matter how well you disguise it) and she will not eat bread, pita or anything that resembles it.

So.... Imagine our delight when she tried everything (even the collard greens, carrots and such) and loved it. She really enjoyed the beef and chicken dishes we ordered. She shoveled it in... Injera, veggies and all.

The boys ate it- Dylan wasn't crazy about it and Colt liked it a lot, but wasn't a huge fan of the injera (the sourdough pancake-type bread that you use to scoop up the yumminess).

We had a great time and Ellie really enjoyed a taste from home. We will definitely have to carve out more time to visit again soon.... Yummy!


  1. Wait a second...are you at Adissu's in Lancaster??? We eat there all the time and LOVE it. Seriously, next time we'll totally meet you there! We love watching our kids eat Ethiopia too:). And we're really way overdue for a play-date here. I'd love to get our kiddos together soon!

  2. Yes that is the place!! It was only our second time there and we love it too!! Yes we would love to meet you there. Ellie's already asking to go again;)