Saturday, May 17, 2014

May happenings

May has been super busy already for our family and graduation in June is just around the corner.  It hard, in these milestone moments, to "enjoy the moment" and not stress about everything else going on, or what's happening tomorrow!   But we are 
surviving one "moment" at a time and celebrating God's goodness along the way.  

Dylan is done with JV baseball but just starting his summer league, and Colt's varsity team made it to the playoffs, slightly extending their season.  

The girls graduated from preschool and start part-time daycare next week.  They are excited for a fun summer with new friends.  

Here are some glimpses of our last few weeks of God's goodness 

Colt's Sr. Prom (with 2 little escorts)

C & D


Dyl and his best girl hijacking the limo from prom :)

Dylan stealing home 

Sr Night/Parent's Night

Colt as Team Captain

The girls and I had time to make a "Fairy" Garden.  Too Cute! 

Ellie cheering on the team! 

Faith at baseball game (of course!) 

A rainy game 

Rainy game 

Faith at preschool graduation 

Ellie - preschool graduation 



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