Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bad Blogger

Ok, I admit I've been REALLY bad about blogging lately.  Life has been incredibly busy lately with football season in full swing.  Dylan is playing HS varsity on Friday nights, and Colt is playing college football on Saturday and sometimes Sunday.  This past weekend, for example, we spent a total of 26 hours traveling, attending, tailgating, and more traveling for football.  Crazy, right?  But, if we can swing it, we do it. We would hate to miss that "winning touchdown" or awesome catch...and we want to fully support our kids in whatever they do.  Thankfully, we only have 4 weeks left!  Amen!  We thoroughly enjoy watching the boys play, and it's a chance for us to hang out with Colt after his games at college and catch up with what's going on in his life... oh yeah, did I mention he went away to college (no, because I'm a bad blogger)!! 

The girls are growing like weeds and soaking in knowledge like a bunch of sponges.  Ellie started occupational therapy a few months ago and it is doing wonders for her balance, coordination, and self-esteem!  We are now getting into the phase of noticing that we are all different in look (and color).  It's been a challenging time, but we are getting through it!  Faith is our little engineer always wondering how things work and are built.  Too bad we can't get her to care about letters or numbers or writing her name! 

So anyway... because life has been a little crazy lately, most of my daily or weekly life happenings have been posted on Instagram, since I can capture a picture with my phone and quickly post it. . .  and a picture is worth a Thousand words, right?   I placed my account pics on the top of the blog so you can see what's going on in our life lately.  If you belong to Instagram, feel free to follow us.

Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon and share what's been going on in our world. 

Hope you enjoy the beautiful fall weather (and colors) if you are in the Northeast! 

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