Friday, May 1, 2015

Catching Up

I have to be the world's worst blogger.   I hate to say we've been too busy, because who isn't busy these days.   So for those 2 or 3 people who still read my blog, let me catch u up!  

Let's start in January --  we went to DISNEY!!! Yep. All 6 of us -- even our college guy.  We had an awesome trip and beautiful weather.  I've been saying for awhile that I wanted a trip to disney with all of us but I thought the girls might be a little too young, but I knew our time was ticking with Colt being in college.  It was truly a magical trip, despite some early grumblings from our teens who thought they could sleep until noon every day!!    The girls met all but one princess, and the boys even had a good time (who knew).  We got a fantastic deal on flights back in October that we couldn't pass up  -- long story short -- sometimes you get what you pay for and our cheap flights found us staying in Orlando one extra night or we could have hung out in airport for a 15 hour flight delay.   Luckily we still had a bit of disney magic in our blood so it didn't seem like that big of a deal.  Plus it was 80 degrees in Florida and the good folks at Disney gave us another night for 50 percent off!  With a high of 10 in Pennsylvania, we weren't overly excited to get home!  

Here are some of my favorite pics.  I'm still sorting through the 1000 or so pictures that we have.  I might do another whole blog post on our trip and what worked well etc.  You all know I'm a planner ;) 

Besides a lot of snow, February bought a few special birthday people, and a new driver.  

March.  Hmmm. It was a blur for me.  I had a cold, sinus infection, strep, ear infection and then had radioactive iodine on my thyroid!  We had plans to visit for a weekend in DC with two families who adopted from Ethiopia.   My sickness had other plans for me but we still did manage to drive down for an evening to say hello.  It warms my heart to hang out and chat with our fellow adoptive friends.  

March also was a special month for Ellie for 2 reasons!    For one thing, we registered her for kindergarten!  Well Brad did.  Registration happened to be on one of those days I was sicker than a dog!  I had not initially planned on sending her in the fall but girlfriend is smart and spelling and starting to read words.  So she's registered!!  I still can change my mind ;)  but I guess my little punkin is ready.    March 31st was also her THIRD anniversary home.  So hard to believe!  She's such a big girl! 

April brings us into full swing baseball season and colts birthday.  Then finals for our first year college kid and home for the summer to work and save. 

May 1st was the day Faith got about 10 inches cut from her hair.  Ever since we visited Disney in January and a little girl from Make A Wish Foundation walked into bibbidi bobbidi boutique, Faith has been asking to get her hair cut so she could share it with people who are sick or need a wig.  She got her wish and I think she looks adorable! 

That should about bring us up to date!  
What have you been up to? 

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