Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 Years Ago

Fourteen years ago (Friday - April 16th)  we began our journey as parents and started practicing and tweaking our parenting skills. Thank goodness we haven’t done any permanent damage (that we are aware of yet!!) He's becoming quite a handsome young man!

Happy Birthday Colton!

Five Favorite Things from Colton’s childhood:

1. His little ‘blue and yellow men’ that we fretfully searched for every time he lost them. (you know, the kid that comes in a little bulldozer.. yeah, they are small -- see pic).

2. Dirt bikes (still likes them today!)

3. Booooots (preferably cowboy boots)  See pic.

4. Woody & Buzz Lightyear (that’s why our girl cats are named Buzz and Jesse) See pic.

5. Barks and Dinks (aka chips and soda) – still a favorite today!

Extra mention – his denim hat… boy he loved that thing.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Now, in all fairness to this blog, I didn’t do this for Dylan’s Birthday back in February… so I’ll do it now.  Dylan was a wopping 11 years old on February 8th. 

Five Favorite Things from Dylan’s Childhood:
quite handsome, too, if I don't say so myself

1. His blanket that Aunt Brenda made him ("flower blankie" we just got it out and looked at it this week)

2. His Dough (aka his pacifier)

3. Tractors (any kind!)

4. Dirt bikes (still a fav)

5. Cake – we had to sing “Happy Birthday” to Dylan every time we had cake for dessert (see pic)
And an extra mention goes to head wounds… yep, if there was a way to crack his head open, Dylan found away (stairs, hammers or rocks)! It happened so often that we just kept the surgical glue with us at all times! Hopefully he never goes bald because he’s going to have some nasty scars.

Mommy & Daddy and their Boyz!

Love you guys!

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  1. Awww, cute pics! I can't believe how quickly they grow up! What an awesome way to pay tribute to your two little men!