Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No News

I decided to post a quick note since I see many of you are checking for updates.  Nope, we haven't heard anything from the Embassy about our case.  We did email them on Monday for a 'status update' and they did reply that they are working on processing our I604, which is the "Determination on Child for Adoption" form (which has to do with their orphan status) and that they will contact us when it is complete.  At first I thought maybe that was encouraging, but there is a box on that form that can deny the Visa and send the application to the USCIS.  Arrggh... hoping we don't go there, but, it has been over 4 weeks since the Embassy received our Case and they are sitting quietly on it.  We have no idea if they were able to touch base with the police officer involved in our case or what the status of that situation is. 

I also emailed our Case Manager this morning to see how long the Embassy quiety sat on the other cases before forwarding them to Nairobi for processing and review by the USCIS (Immigration people).  I haven't heard back from her yet, but I do know that if it does get sent to USCIS, it takes 5 days to get there, about 7 - 10 days for them to make a determination (hopefully a postive one!), and then 5 days back to the Embassy before they will email us for an appointment. Uggh.. that's another 4 weeks added onto the process.

We are REALLY trying to be patient, honestly... and I know God's bigger plan is way better than my own, but, it's really discouraging that it will soon be 3 months since we last saw our little girl.  Our family is starting the feel the void of not having Elliana home already...and the continued uncertainly of things. Please keep our kids in your prayers. 

So, praying really hard, that we would hear good news tonight (which would be Thursday in Ethiopia).  Not really expecting to hear anything Thursday night, since the US Embassy is only open until Noon on Fridays in Ethiopia, but God is a BIG GOD... so I'm still hoping and praying. 


  1. angie, i literally check your blog multiple times a day to see if you have been cleared. i'm praying that you would hear soon. i followed a blog of a couple from another agency who was sent to nairobi, and i think their process from embassy submission to clearance was 6 weeks total, counting the time at uscis. i hope your case doesn't get sent to nairobi and that you hear tomorrow, but it may not be as long as you think if it does get forwarded. we got the email yesterday saying they had officially started the i604 process with our cases, so i'm on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen and how long. this part is no fun!

  2. Ugh! I keep checking too! We hope you hear something tonight!! Love you guys!

  3. I asked Joseph today if he would email the Embassy to see what's happening. I feel like there's a black cloud over my heart every morning when I wake up and realize that another day has gone by without getting any news. :( Praying for all of our little ones.