Monday, September 27, 2010

Some light reading

Here is a picture of some of the 'light' reading we've been doing to get ourselves ready for the adoption!   Some of it (the large blue book - Adoption Parenting) was required and we had to take an exam on it... others were recommended.  I really enjoyed "Adopted for Life."   I still have to finish "Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control," but I hear it is excellent. 

If you are just beginning your adoption journey, the "Successful Adoption - A Guide for Christian Families" is helpful.  It gives you some good examples of letters to the birth family or to the Country Officials for your Dossier. 

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  1. Thanks for the comment on our blog! I have read your blog too over these past few months, but had no idea you guys were in cool! I can't wait for the beautiful arrivals of your little ones. When we get these babies home, we'll have to try to meet up. I wonder if there's any other CWA families close by? It'd be neat to plan a get together sometime! We're hoping to hear something soon about referral movement. Excited to keep watching your journey!