Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A few more road blocks and update of where we are in the process

We are used to them... Road Blocks... and we usually come out on the other side with a better view of things.  It's just the scenic view... right?

In addition to the possible cutting back of adoptions in Ethiopia (the buzz is that they are cutting back by maybe 50%... not 90%), we have a few specific road blocks in connection with our adoption.  Many of you have asked "what's next" now that Faith is here.

1.  Re-do entire Dossier.  Why??  When we go to court in Ethiopia, all documents must not be more than 2 years old.  All of our documents were created and/or notarized in November/December of 2009.  Therefore, it's suggested that we redo all of our documents.  While this is going to be a total pain, we can do it.  We have a good copy to go from!  It's just going to be a lot of work to get certified copies of everything again. 

2.  Apply to the USCIS (Immigration) for an extension of our fingerprints and I600A (Orphan Petition paperwork).  If an extension is granted, it will save us from spending another $1000 and 4 months of waiting for the proper paperwork to come thru. 

3.  Home Study Amendment - because we have a 3rd child, and because our USCIS I600A expires in August, we must submit an amended Home Study (which is quite expensive).  Not a huge deal.  EXCEPT, our social worker informed us a few weeks back that they are working from a temporary license.  International adoptions and Immigration, as well as our Dossier, may not accept a temporary license.  (and, judging on how often things change in international adoptions, I'm not taking a chance!)  They are not sure how long it will be until the new license will be received.  The problem is, we have to apply for our immigration extension by May.  So, we have 2 options:

a.  Wait it out and pray that the new license comes and the social worker can do our amendment in time; or

b.  Get a new home study from another social worker (which can take 6 - 8 weeks)... so we still may not have it in time to apply for our extension, not to mention we would have to redo all of THAT paperwork too (references, tax receipts, employment and bank records, new clearances, etc.). . . and we'd have to pay for a whole new home study. . .

My gut tells me to get a whole new home study because I'm a little concerned about the current status of our home study agency.  I'd hate to get the whole way to Ethiopian court and then there be an issue with the home study license or paperwork.  But, because I am a control-freak (and I'm trying to be better), I'm going to wait it out a bit and see what happens.  I do have some 'feelers' out to a few social workers to see if they can expedite a new home study, just in case.

If you could, would you please pray for a resolution to our paperwork issues?  Thanks so much!

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