Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Case is going before the "Board"

Now that we've completed our 72-question Support System Plan and turned it into our Case Manager, our case will now go before our agency's "Board" for consideration of when we can become "active" again.  The norm is 6 months after a baby is born.  Faithlynn will be 24 weeks (a.k.a. - 6 months) next week, or officially 6-months via a calendar on August 10th.  Our case should be going to the board within the next 2 weeks.  Keep us in your prayers as we are hoping to become active again by August 10th.  

I'm not exactly sure what the "Board" does, except maybe just review our case, maybe look at some of our answers and makes sure that we are ready to move ahead with another little one.  Our Case Manager said this is just normal procedure when a person is on-hold and becomes active again. 

After we are on the active list again, next will be our referral.  Last time we spoke to our Case Manager, he said we'd go to the top of the list for Referrals, since our original dossier date in country is February of 2010.  So, as soon as a little girl comes up that matches our information or age request ... that will be our little "E".  We have no idea how long that could take.  Maybe days... weeks or months... praying it's sooner than later!  We are getting so excited! 

We just got back from the beach and it was really hard to look out into the ocean knowing that there's a little girl, across that ocean, waiting for us!

And, in all of my 30+ years going to the beach, I have never witnessed a rainbow on the beach. This year we did!  I was actually a double-rainbow...but you can't really see that in this pic.  It was awesome!

God's Promise

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 
John 14:18

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