Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Beach Pics

Here are some beach pics from our trip to the Outer Banks & Great Wolf Lodge.  My sister-in-law is an awesome photographer, so I'm sure she'll have much better pictures than these... but here's my amateur ones for now :) 

Big Brothers showing Faith the fountains

Colton on the surf-rider

Dylan on the surf-rider

"I think I like the beach!"

Relaxing with Bro

Daddy and his girl on their early  morning beach stroll

Faith cheering on her brothers at the skatepark

Taking a break

3 boys on the jetski

Pappy and his girl

Our best attempt at getting a 5 month old to sit in the sand without falling face-first and without eating the sand.  We were unsuccessful! 

I think the boys sometimes use their little sis as a chic-magnet :)

Love this pic -- little baby sandy toes!

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