Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ethiopia Day 3

I actually have to pick up where I left off on Day 2.   Trying to keep my 'try not to be a spoiled American' theme I have to mention the evening of Day 2.  After dinner, chatting with our new friends, texting and trying to Skype with the boys, we decided to go upstairs, shower and go to bed.  I was so looking forward to a nice hot shower, since my last run-in with the shower was quick and cold.  We did plug in the hot water heater, and we had electric all day, so the water should be nice and toasty warm.

I quickly gathered my things and ran into the bathroom.  As I turned on the light switch, the light bulb gave a loud 'pop.'  Ok, so I'd take a shower in the dark.  No big deal.  I turned on the shower and hopped in, but there was one problem . . . there was no water coming out of the shower head.  Oh no!  We were out of water.  {in Ethiopia, they do not have wells; they have large water containers that are filled up when needed.  The water is then pumped into the house.}  No water also means no toilet flushing.  We washed up that night with some bottled water and some baby wipes!  Gotta love it!    As a side note -- after our first no-water experience, my genius husband decided he was going to start collecting water in our used one liter bottles in case we were out of water again. We can't drink the water, but he was stock piling it for flushing emergencies!   I thought he was being ridiculous, but guess what.... his efforts paid off later in our trip -- two times, to be exact!     

The next morning we heard the generator start up, which means we must not have had power either -- we hadn't really noticed.  We still had no water.  Shortly though, the power kicked back on, and we heard the water pump kick on. Luckily, we were never without power or water for a long period of time.

Today we would be meeting at the CWA office to complete our paperwork for court.  The Director of CWA Ethiopia shared a lot of information with us.  I had wished I brought a notebook to take notes.  The meeting ran a little over, and all of us were very anxious to get to Acacia Village to visit with our little ones!  We were hoping they'd allow us to stay later, since we would be getting there late.

When we came out of the CWA Office, our van was 'parked-in' by another vehicle.  My heart sank.  I didn't want to miss any more time with Elliana!  I was amazed how our driver got out of that space!  I would have certainly still been sitting there.  So, soon we were on our way to Acacia Village.

When we arrived, Elliana was the first child they brought down.  She came to us willingly!   She looked so cute in her little jeans and pink shirt.  This day, however, she was very reserved and cried a lot.  She sat with us but didn't really want to engage.  She was frightened and shy.  The nurse came and talked to her a few times in Amharic, which seemed to help, for a little while.  We also met with the Counselor, along with the nurse, to discuss Elliana's medical and social history.  They basically said that she is very healthy (except she had recently had conjunctivitis and was treated with eye drops) and that she was reserved and shy.  They were working on reassuring her and giving her extra hugs and kisses (this is why we need her home ASAP)!  

Elliana liked the photo book

Eating for mommy

Safe in daddy's arms
We fed her snack and lunch again and then she fell asleep while Brad was holding her.  We took her up to her crib and gave her kisses before we left. It would be 3 days until we could see her again! (Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

After we left  Acacia Village, 3 other couples from CWA (as well as us) went to Island Breeze, which was a very nice place with a great menu.  They make yummy stone-fire pizza.  When I say stone fire, I mean, they went outside and made a fire in a stone pit or oven to bake the pizza.  I didn't have any, but it looked delicious.  Again, I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to share our experience with other adoptive couples.  It was nice to chat about our visit and get to know each other a little better.  After lunch, we all went to the Postal District shopping.

After Day 3, we were emotionally and physically exhausted!  I continued to worry about Elliana's fragile state, but I knew in my heart that she would be just fine once we got her home and could give her the attention she so desires.

After we arrived back at the guest house, guess what I did.... got a hot, awesome shower!!  We had a big day planned for Saturday, (Day 4).


  1. Since we've gotten home, I've often thanked the Lord for the amazing gift of having hot water in the shower! I'm trying to remember not to take it for granted. Praying for your sweet Elliana.

  2. Awe man, I'm a sucker for the daddy/daughter pictures.