Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Ice Cream Cone

Ellie and Faith had their first ice cream cone recently.  They’ve had ice cream before – but never in a cone!  It wasn’t until the last week or so that Ellie would actually eat ice cream.  She’s decided that she really likes it and continually asks for more :)   Faith didn't hesitate one second before she dug into her cone.  Ellie insisted on using a spoon to eat hers.  She hasn’t grasped the concept of a cone or that you can eat it the cone!  When I took a bite of my cone, she gave me the strangest look!  So funny. 

Last night I gave them both some ice cream in a little cup – Ellie picked hers up like a cone and licked it out of the cup instead of using a spoon!  Ha ha!!  I’m sure as the summer goes on she will have plenty of opportunities to sort out the dish verses cone confusion!   

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