Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Giardia --- you can go home now!

We are still battling the ugly intestinal parasite, Giardia.  We thought Ellie was over it, since her meds were finished and her symptoms disappeared.  But, we were wrong, and now we think Faith has it too.  I suppose I shouldn't have been bathing them together until we had Ellie retested. [bathing 2 toddlers separate is difficult because inevitability, the one not being bathed ends up making some kind of mess in the bathroom – cleaning out drawers, playing in the toilet, unrolling all of the toilet paper, or peeing on the floor J]   So, more stool samples and medicine for our girls… more Clorox for the tub, and lots more diapers and wipes!   It’s not much fun and frankly I’m tired of poopy diapers.  And, did I mention that the smell can clear a city block?!   Our doctor said (not to alarm us) that he had a little girl from Ukraine that had to be treated 9 times before it finally went away.   We are hoping that is not our case.. although Ellie’s just finished her second round of medicine, and there is no improvement and Faith’s last sample isn't back from the lab yet!  Ugh!   

Ellie continues to make huge strides in her language and behavior.  She’s saying lots of words – mostly repeating when asked, but that's a start.  She’s slowly starting to use words on her own, and sometimes she uses the sign along with the word… just for clarification J   She is learning that biting and pinching isn’t the way to get things here at our home… a hard lesson, but she’s a fast learner.  She still tries it from time to time if she thinks I’m not watching -- she's a stinker for sure!   

Eating is getting MUCH better and she is trying many more things.  BUT, bananas and rice or noodles still seem to be her all-time favorite so for now, we are picking our battles and usually try to give her one of those at every meal.  It seems to calm her and not create so much stress a meal times.  Plus with her giardia, maybe some things just make her belly feel yucky.  She is sleeping like a champ.  We can now lay her in her crib drowsy and she will go to sleep on her own {with me sitting in the room}… which is a HUGE deal here at our home!!! Then, she will typically sleep for about 10 hours without waking.  [we think Miss Faith needs to take a few lessons from Ellie in that department].  

You can tell that she is beginning to relax and trust us more, which is wonderful.  She loves her brothers, “Co-Co” [Colton] and “Lylan or Lilly” [Dylan] and her sister “Baith.”  She makes the funniest faces and you wonder what she’s thinking!  She really does love being a big sister and is so very kind to Faith (most of the time).  You can tell she’s spent lots of time watching the nannies with the babies by the way she cares for her dolls and her baby sister.  If Faith cries or becomes upset, Ellie will usually try to pacify her with a drink, blanket, toy or a pacifier.  Sooo sweet.  And, you can tell she’s watched the nannies clean – as she always wants a wipe or a cloth to wash the door or the floor or whatever!   She is still obsessed with containers, lids and doors.  If you give her a container with a lid that she can put on and off, she's happy for a very long time.   She's still a little OCD about doors and gates.  We are still trying to figure that one out.. but for now, it's sometimes handy -- unless of course you are looking for something in the refrigerator -- she'll definitely try to close the door on you.  

 But, amongst all the fun, we can still see loss and grief coming through.   Sometimes we struggle to understand some of her behaviors, but then we think about all that she’s been through and it makes sense.  Trying to remember that is key – and it’s not easy.  A crying spell that lasts for 45 minutes isn’t the result of the toy that she didn’t want to share… it’s most likely the over pouring of grief and loss that she may be thinking about.  When you are amidst a 45 minute fit, it’s hard to remember that, and trying to explain that to our family [her brothers] and friends is not easy.  What easily looks like a spoiled toddler to most people is actually a hurt and struggling little girl trying to make sense of things.  But I admit, it is frustrating and hard at times.   Trying to decipher what is normal 2 year old behavior and what is perhaps grief may take some time to separate.  I keep forgetting, she's only been home for 10 weeks.    

So much more to update and write, but I'll have to close for now!  All in all we are doing well… the busy-ness is beginning to slow down and hopefully some of our sicknesses will go away ---  although as I write this, Ellie has a fever, and Faith's been blowing bubbles out her nose for a week. Ewwwww!!! Our family has missed church for almost a month because one person or the other is sick.  Praying we can make it there this week!!  

Here are some pictures of our girls! 

Ellie wearing Daddy's Shoes

First time in Pool --  not too sure about it.

Faith and Ellie rocking their babies.  Ellie is giving hers a kiss.


  1. So sorry about the giardia, that's awful! IT's hard enough when everyone is healthy just getting through the days. Meal time at our home is stressful too with Iris, so I understand. Glad sleeping has gotten much better, what a huge difference that makes! Blake's been the one who's been sick and miserable for a week here...I sympathize with you. Thanks for filling us all in, i love the updates.

  2. Dang giardia!! We had it for a while, too. It's awful when it gets passed between siblings. :( Hoping it gets outta your house soon. The "collection" is the WORST!!

  3. I so enjoy your updates and love to hear about the progress being made in your family. I'll be praying that you'll soon be rid of giardia once and for all. It's definitely a nasty sort of bug! We need to have Evangelle retested to see if it's really gone, and I'm hoping for the best.

    Ellie looks beautiful, and once again, I'm amazed at God's goodness in putting her in your family. It sounds like you're all facing difficult challenges, but I know He will be faithful to bring you through each one. Your compassion is a sweet reminder of God's love for His children.

    Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress!