Sunday, August 26, 2012

July Wedding

I'm way behind in posting updates and pictures!  Sorry about that.  It's been a busy summer.

Here's a few pictures from my cousin's wedding we attended in July.  It was special because she was my flower girl when we were married almost 20 years ago!  Wish I had a picture I could post of it, but they are all in my album.  I don't even have a decent picture of the bride and groom because I typically had a toddler on one hip or the other... but congrats Elizabeth & Jim!!

Family photo -- almost everyone is looking.....
I'm not sure what the heck we were thinking . . . taking 2 toddlers to a wedding 3 hours away, staying in a hotel, and thinking we were going to have a good time!  They kept us very busy, but they did great.  I was actually surprised how well they did with taking their naps, sleeping in a noisy hotel (above the reception) and just adjusting in general.  We did only get to see a few minutes of the ceremony because when the photographer walked to the back of the church to take some photos, both girls started yelling "cheese!!"... so we quickly made our exit :)   They both were dancing-queens at the reception.  Faith enjoyed going around to all of the tables and greeting everyone.  Ellie has happy to watch first and then join in -- if it looked like it was safe :)  We do not have many pictures, however, because we were busy chasing the girls around, and, unless we had a super-duper fast shutter speed, we never would have caught the speedy-girls on film.   The boys, of course, did awesome.  I think they were down at the reception until it ended!

I'm still amazed as I look back on these photo (which are already 6 weeks old) how much Ellie has continued to grow and mesh into our family.  We still have our challenges like every family, but she continues to blossom more and more each day.  And, even if we feel like we've taken a few steps back, there is still progress there.  God continues to pour grace on our family as we adjust to being a family of 6.

Meemaw & Pap with their busy girls
Ellie looking beautiful in her dress

Faith dancing around

More dancing by the crazy girl

Trying to get a decent picture together -- NOT POSSIBLE
(Yes, she's eating puffs out of a coffee cup with a spoon --
whatever we had to do to keep her entertained!)  

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