Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend getaway

We had the opportunity to take a quick (5 hour) trip to the beach for an extended weekend. Although the thought of packing all that 'stuff' for a family of six for just a few nights is exhausting, we did it anyway. Since we now have an official high school "senior" we know our trips as a family of six may be limited, so we try to cherish every moment we have.

We went to the beach last year but the girls don't remember it, apparently. What's awesome is that now we can have conversations with them and they are hilarious!!! The things they say!!

Here's what they would say ... (In their own words...)

We went to the big pool (ocean) and it had the biggest sandbox (beach)! We chased the water and it chased us back (waves)! We rode the alligator (elevator) where we stayed and we also rode in a roller skate (umbrella stroller). Ellie loved her new 'tiny' (bikini) and Faith wore her new gobbles (goggles). They saw segels (sea gulls) and watched the big boys go out on pop's float (boat). We also rode on "sunny" the pony. We had a great time!!

Here's a few pics. We don't have many pictures of the beach because it took all 4 of us (us and Colt and Dyl) to keep after the girls!! Boy they're fast!

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