Friday, November 20, 2009

November 19, 2009 - Love, Mercy & Grace

One thing that we learned, early on in this process, is that we would need to give love, mercy and grace (forever) to those who do not understand our decision to adopt, and to those who question our motives. Our hope is that people may see the love, grace and mercy that God gives us everyday and start a personal relationship with Christ. Sure, it would be 'comfortable' for us to live our life oblivious to other people's plights… but what would that do for us? Sure, we can sit here and say, wish there was something I could do . . . BUT, Jesus didn't come into this world, and die on the cross for us to be 'comfortable.' I already know this child will bless us much more than we will bless her. Yep, I'm aware that in 8 years, both of our boys will be graduated from high school and college.. and we could be 'free.' Free to do what we want… free to buy this or buy that…free, free, free. But to us, freedom means: FREE TO PUT OURSELVES ASIDE long enough to help another…. FREE to teach our boys that another person's life is more important than a sports car…a fancy house or a fancy title. . . FREE to love another child and have room in our hearts and lives to raise that child…. FREE to bring a child that might not know God, into our home and teach them who HE is. FREE to do what God asks us to do . . . whewww... boy, I feel better now!

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