Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for

As we come out of the Thanksgiving holiday, we are thankful for everything and everyone we have in our life. The abundance of family, friends, food and opportunity. So many have nothing close to that. Our boys are awesome little kids, but they have NO IDEA how lucky they are for all that they have. They still cannot comprehend that when we pick up Baby E that all she will bring with her is the diaper on her bottom and a few pieces of paper about her life. No toys, no blankets, no clothing.. nothing. And, anything that she does have in her mind, will be left behind... the familiar faces at the orphanage, the smells, the food she is used to . . the sounds... it's kind of like being kidnapped and taken away from everything. We pray that this will not cause her distress later in life, but we know that as she grows, a lot of things will need to be explained to her. For adopted children, they often go through periods of grief, loss, feeling of abandonment and lots of other things...even if they were adopted as an infant. Eventually she'll learn that she was either abandoned or that her bio parents are dead.. how devastating. We know that we are bringing her into a world of opportunity . . . a safe place that she can feel loved, a place where she can learn, a place that she can prosper . . . but probably for the first few weeks or months, she's not going to understand that.

We are thankful for all of you and thankful that so far, the Lord has provided for our adoption costs. Right now, we've put about $6,000 in -- which totally amazes me. Not sure how we had that to put into it. . But soon, when we are ready to submit our Dossier (hopefully sometime in January), we will have to pay for our international fee ($8200), all of our authentication fees and a bunch of other stuff.-- probably about $10,500. We have no idea where that is coming from at this point, but we continue to walk in Faith. We can hold our Dossier until we save all the additional monies, but that will push our 12 - 18 month time frame back even further... ughhh... We will be doing a puzzle fundraiser and will be sending out letters soon to anyone that wants to donate towards bringing Baby E home. Please understand that this is VERY difficult for us to do. If you get a letter from us, please don't feel obligated to donate. I know it will all work out. For those of you who facebook, you may want to post our puzzle fundraiser on your fb page to help us out :) I'll get the information out soon. Hey, $1 or $5 here or there will all add up. Worst case, we'll go to the bank and get a loan. Or, if anyone reading this has some ideas for fundraising, please let me know. We will probably try to do a pig roast this summer somtime to raise funds for our travel, which is another ($6-8k).

Also, thanks to all of your who attended my first Mary Kay Open House. Any funds raised by me selling Mary Kay will go towards our adoption fund. So if you know any one who uses the products, please pass them my way (unless they already have a consultant). My show on Sunday raised about $200 towards our adoption fund. You can visit me on the web at Thanks so much!

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