Monday, November 30, 2009

Tax Deductible Donations Directly to Our Agency

If you are interested, Tax Deductible Donations can go directly to our Agency:

You can make tax deductible donations directly to our Agency in three ways:
1. On Line donation
o Go to website;
o Click on the “Donate Now to CWA” link; Provide requested information;
o In the “Optional” section, select “CWA Family” from the drop down box.
o Please list our family (Baxter) so that we get proper credit for your donation.

2. Send a check made out to Christian World Foundation or CWF with a note indicating “Baxter Adoption Fund.” You can mail it directly to CWA, 777 South Allen Road, Flat Rock, NC 28731.

3. You can send the check (made payable to Christian World Foundation) to us and we will forward it for you.

Note: Even though CWA/CWF must tell donors that the funds are “accepted on an unrestricted basis,” 100% of the donations will go to our account. That’s just a disclaimer because of their non-profit status.

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