Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, Who Would Have Thunk . . .

On November 8, 2009, our family, after much thought, prayer and discussion, filed papers with Christian World Adoption, for the adoption of a beautiful baby from Ethiopia.

Ok, most of you are probably thinking we are crazy . . . we already have to beautiful boys ages 10 and 13, but we've felt a tug at our hearts for the past 2 years to add another Baxter to our family. Biologically, we could probably swing it, but our advanced age (ha! Brad's 40 and I'm 38) we weren't sure if it was for us. But, we are aware of the millions of orphans across the globe that need a loving home and family. We can be that to someone!

This blog will serve as a chronological journal of our walk through this process. We are hopeful that it will be speedy, but expect it to be about 18 months until we bring Baby "E" home!

Please stay tuned for updates!

How can you support us?

Prayer - Please pray for us, that Baby E will be home with us soon, pray for our hearts to be strong through this journey, and pray that this child will be welcomed into our family, neighborhood and community with open and loving arms!

Fund Raisers - Gesh... we are going to try to put together some fund raisers to help us the the overwhelming expense of international adoption. More to follow.

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