Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in the Fast Lane

Do you see Africa in the clouds?

Well, things are beginning to take off again on the adoption front.  (Ethiopia, however, is still predicting adoption paperwork and approval to slow WAY down).  But most of our road blocks are beginning to be cleared. 
  • We've sent our request to the USCIS for a fingerprint extension appointment.  Waiting for that to come back; This will be at no cost to us!  Praise God!
  • We've contacted another home study provider who is coming on Tuesday to redo our home study at HALF the cost of what our other provider was charging for our update!  Praise God!
  • We have our physicals on Tuesday, which will knock out our home study requirements and our dossier update requirements.
  • We have most of our references back for our dossier update.
  • We resubmitted our state clearances and received our local police clearance letters for our dossier.
  • Touched based with our notary so she knows all the stuff that's going to be coming her way!
So, things are moving along again.  I did touch base with our case manager to get his thoughts on Ethiopia adoptions and asked if he thought they might stop completely.  Of course, he doesn't have a crystal ball, and said it was up to us, but he thought things were going to continue... just at a slower pace. 

So, as we knew when we started the process, International Adoptions are always risky and unpredictable.  I know some people are bailing out of the Ethiopia program and moving their paperwork to adopt from another country.  We're staying In..... we think E is worth the risk.  The fat lady hasn't sung yet!!

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  1. So excited for you guys!!! I just can't wait to see your whole family together:). Praying Baby E can come home very soon!