Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy Weeks!

It's been a busy 2 weeks in the Baxter family.  In the last two weeks, we've
  • had our adoption physicals, along with our 'booster' travel shots (ouch!) which took care of our home study and dossier needs; 
  • met with our NEW home study provider;
  • procured our bank letter for our dossier;
  • received our fingerprint update appointments for USCIS; 
  • received most of our reference letters for our dossier;
  • had a 15th Birthday party for our son!
  • began the craziness of 'baseball' season
  • Faith had her 1st round of immunizations (double-ouch!)
oh yeah.... and I go back to work in 1 week!   (where did 12 weeks go??)
Our new home study provider was awesome.  Did I mention that she is an adoptive mom of 2 kiddos from Russia, so she is very helpful and sweet.  She is redoing our home study/update for 1/2 the cost of what our original social worker wanted just for the update!  SWEET!  Plus, she seems to be pretty speedy, so hopefully we'll have our draft home study back in a week or so, then we will be almost ready to submit our 2nd dossier to CWA for a quick once-over.  Then it's off for authentication and back over to Ethiopia with Baby Faith added to our paperwork!  After that, all we will need to do is submit our home study update to the USCIS for our I600A extension... then we'll just be on wait status again. 

Regarding the wait -- our agency's policy is that Baby Faith needs to be 6 months old before we can get a referral... so that would be on August 10th.  We are going to ask, however, if (under the current circumstances) we still have to wait the 6 months, since it will probably take at least another 6 months or more before we'd have E home.  But, worst case... we'll have another 3-4 months of either way.. it's getting close. 

I guess time flies when you're having fun... and we are having plenty of FUN! 

You go back to work WHEN?? 
Colton practicing his pitching techniques.
Tummy Time

Dylan trying his luck at hitting the ball!

Happy 15th birthday to Colton!

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