Friday, April 22, 2011

The Girls' Nursery

I found these pictures as I was going through a memory card that was in our camera bag.  I took these photos a few days before I went into labor with Faith.  We haven't brought everything into the nursery that we originally got for "E", but her presence is known in that room for sure!  We have her crib and matching quilt set ready and waiting.

I have two favorite things in the nursery that remind me of "E" .

The first is my belly picture:  the pendant says, "Expecting from Ethiopia."  Some people think it's wierd that I got that picture taken.  In fact, one photographer I was going to use wouldn't do it for me.  I think this picture shows 2 miracles in-one and it's really special to us.   

My second favorite picture thing that reminds me of "E" is her puzzle.  We decided to get it framed and hang it now.  I cannot tell you how much Faith loves that puzzle!  I KNOW she sees something in it.  Every time we lay her down to change  her, she looks up at the puzzle and smiles and babbles and talks.... she can be in the middle of a full-out crying spell, and when she looks up at the puzzle, she stops, smiles and talks.  I'll have to try to get it on video!  It was hard to get a good picture of it because of the lighting in the nursery, but you get the idea!


A keepsake box with things from my shower. 

Our little "Tree of Hope"

Our picture corner of the room.
4 days before delivery... Uggh. 

We were packed and ready to go!

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