Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Football Season is Upon Us!

Ahhh... football season is upon us, and although it keeps us super busy going to 3 games a week, we wouldn't trade it for the world. Here are a few pics of our big boys and their little Sis.

One of my favorite pictures of the team!
My BIG boy on Meet the Team Night.  Isn't he a cutie?

Miss Faith enjoying the game!  She loves the cheerleaders.

P-U Brother -- You are stinky!

Umm.. Is it time to go home yet? I'm missing the Backyardigans
I love my guys.  They are such good boys and big brothers.  We can't wait to bring E home to our household of football, baseball, dirtbikes and mud!  But once she gets here, I'm sure there will be lots of tea parties, picnics and PINK.  I'm pretty sure the BOYS won't mind one bit! 

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