Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My big birthday is this weekend (I’ll be 40.. but shhhssh… don’t tell anyone) and my hubby has asked me over and over what I wanted for my birthday since this is a special one (yeah, it’s special alright – I will officially be “over-the-hill”). My reply for the last 3 months has been the same – I want a referral! I want to know the face of our daughter! That’s all I want, selfish or not….a referral! Thankfully, I received an early birthday present (thank you Jesus).

But, it made me think …how simple, yet wonderful, my life has become.

When I was younger (like in my 20’s :) ) I swore, and probably vowed to my friends at some point, that when I turned 40 we would all be celebrating with a lavish, crazy vacation somewhere – like maybe Vegas or a tropical paradise. We were going to save money, spare no expense, live-it-up, etc.

You know what, I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times and I’ve been to several tropical paradises and it was fun and all, but the only wonderful, crazy and humbling trip I’m interested in taking in the near future, is one to meet our daughter (and believe me, it's not going to be a 'vacation' or a paradise!). And, God’s been pretty good at making me save money and spare no expense. . . to go and get His daughter and bring her home.

I feel pretty good right now and am looking forward to being a mommy of 4 …over-the-hill or not! Honestly, I can’t imagine doing anything else or being anyone else than who I am now. (and it only took 40 years and lots of mistakes along the way to figure that out). I’m certainly not perfect, but I strive every day to live the life God has laid out before me and seek Him to show me the next step.

As far as extravagant trips . . . I think the next extravagant trip our family will probably be taking will be to Disney World!  And you know what . . . I’m perfectly content and OK with that.

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