Friday, February 3, 2012

Birth Certificate Received!

Yay!  Just a quick update!  We just found out that Elliana's Birth Certificate has been received, and the picture on her Birth Certificate is so darn cute!  The good news (and neat thing) is that all of us that traveled together for court are on the same schedule.  From what I understand, ALL of our children's BCs were received today!

Unfortunately, however, we will not be able to be submitted to the Embassy next week (February 7th) because Elliana will still need her passport and Embassy physical.  They are aiming for Embassy submission for February 14th (a perfect V-day gift).  {as a side-note -- our Agency can only submit Embassy documents on Tuesdays}.

So, please continue to pray for all of the families  -- that our children's physicals and passports come quickly so that we can be submitted by  February 14th.  That could POSSIBLY mean travel by the beginning of March, if all goes well.

We were hoping to have Elliana home by the end of February, but hopefully it will be soon after that!

Soon Baby... soon!


  1. WOW! What exciting news! Congrats you guys! We will pray that you'll be on a plane in March!! Love you guys!

  2. Prayers are being answered......This is soo AWESOME!!! I am so giddy with joy for you and all of the other families. God is soo GOOD!
    Dani H

  3. Joseph and I are excited that our documents are on the same schedule, and we're hoping to see you again in Ethiopia! Can't wait!