Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teenagers & Toddlers

Dylan's Heisman Trophy Pose at 3 months old
Today, Dylan officially joins the ranks as a TEENAGER!  I have no idea where 13 years have gone.  It just seems like yesterday he was born – looking like a little baby Elvis with his sideburns and all!

Dylan continues to amaze us with his compassionate heart for others. His report card is plastered with comments from all of his teachers saying, "is a pleasure to have in class" or "courteous to others" . . . That's our Dylan for sure!  

I would have loved to show you more pictures of Dylan's Birthday celebration, but taking a decent picture of a teenager has proven to be difficult, unless you want ones with eye-rolls, tongues stuck out and rabbit ears!  One day I may just post those 'precious' pictures!  

As soon as Ellie comes home, we will officially have 2 teenagers and 2 toddlers... hence the name of this blog title.  I may just need to change the name of our blog!  

Daddy & Dylan

Dylan's Shoulder Buddy

Birthday Pancakes!  Courtesy of  Daddy!! 

Thanks for being YOU, buddy!  Happy Birthday.

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