Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Elliana Pictures

We were delighted to get new pictures of Elliana today, some of which she is in a full blown laugh!  She's getting way too big to not be home with her family!  Please continue to pray that she is home soon.

Also, we did hear from the Embassy that our case is in process.  They had our family email address incorrect -- we have a 'zero' in our email address, and it is often mistaken for an "O". Glad that was corrected!  Hopefully the next email we get from them is one telling us to come get our daughter.



  1. She is just adorable!!! Glad to hear your case is being reviewed...hoping to hear good news from your family soon:)

  2. We're so close! Am praying for you as you finish this and can actually get started as a family of 6!

  3. Does that little face look like she's begging to come home or what? So sweet!