Saturday, March 24, 2012

She's Finally Coming Home

After 2 years, 4 months and 2 weeks (but who's counting) of waiting, dreaming and praying for our little girl, she is finally coming home!  It's been a long, and sometimes exhausting journey, but God has shown his promises many times along the way and has placed her perfectly into our family.    

On Thursday, we were disappointed that we didn't hear from the Embassy, once again.  Our Case Manager called my cell phone at 9:30 am and asked if I received "the email."  I assumed it was an email that we had been forwarded to USCIS.  She said, "no, you are cleared to travel!"  Honestly, she had to tell me at least 3 times because my brain was not comprehending what she was saying, especially since we hadn't gotten an email.  Apparently, the Embassy STILL had our email address incorrect, so we didn't get the original email clearing us to travel, that came through earlier that morning.  Thankfully, the Embassy copied CWAE, who then forwarded it to our Case Manager here in the US.  Brad was on a conference call in another room, and I busted in jumping up and down!!  He knew something was going on because I never bother him when he's on a call!  

Because it was already 9:35 am here, it was 4:35 pm in Ethiopia.  We only had 25 minutes to request our appointment dates and have the Embassy get back to us.  We quickly typed up the email with our requested appointment dates (Thursday, March 29, Tuesday, April 3, and Wednesday, April 4) and hit SEND.  At 9:54 am (4:54 pm in ET), we received the email back from the Embassy giving us NEXT THURSDAY as our appointment date!  Wow, that was quick and only a week away!!!  But, we've been planning for this day for the last 11 weeks (since we passed court).  We were all basically packed, except I for last minute stuff.  

So, we leave VERY SOON!  It's been a whirlwind of packing and getting things set up for next week for our big kids.  It's the beginning of sports season, so our boys have multiple activities next week.  God Bless both of our parents for stepping in and helping to care and shuttle our kids around next week!   

We would like to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, love and support during this adoption process.  It’s been a long and difficult journey and we will never be able to fully express our gratitude to you for supporting us. 

Please keep our friends who are still waiting for approval in your prayers!  We are heart-sick that we cannot all travel together again, but pray that we will somehow see each other again!  Also please keep our kids at home in your prayers and our sweet little Ellie in your prayers.  We cannot imagine the fear that she may feel as she leaves all that she's ever known.   Please pray for peace in her heart and that she may learn to trust and rely on us to meet her needs.  My heart is grieving for her already -- I just can 't imagine. . . 

We will try to keep our blog up to date so that you can continue to share in our journey.  Last time we were in ET, I was unable to get into our blog to make a post -- not sure what to expect this time.  

Next time I post, we should be a family of 6!  


    DANI H

  2. I loved reading the details! I can't help but smile as I imagine your face when you heard the news. =) I have been praying for Elliana as she prepares to transition to her new life with you. I know it may be difficult, but I believe the Lord is going to bring great joy to her heart very soon.

  3. WOWOWOWOW! You are leaving, like, NOW! This is so fabulous. I couldn't be more excited for you guys. One part of the journey ends and a whole new fabulous one begins. Congrats. Have a great trip. Praying for your trip home...that's a doosy. :)